Your Neck

“Your Neck” Music & lyrics: Messias You wake me in the morn Because you want to see the light And

December 17, 2022
Little Bird

“Little Bird” Music & lyrics: Messias I was born, about a million years ago As a little bird upon a

November 5, 2021
Superman Immunity

“Superman Immunity” Music & lyrics: Messias Gods in the sky Came down on me Tey made me realize Got no

June 5, 2021
Half past ten

“Half past ten” Music & lyrics: Messias It was an empty street Until i saw your feet You took my

June 22, 2020
Trouble in Mind

“Trouble in mind”

June 22, 2020
Change is Now

COVID-19 Hope message

May 18, 2020
Brand New – LIVE

Live at Cascais

March 27, 2020
You Wrote – LIVE

Live at Cascais

March 22, 2020
You Wrote

Single Release

February 8, 2020
Love in a box

Messias Private Sessions

July 24, 2018
Malted Milk

Messias Private Sessions

June 23, 2018
Love in a box

Live at SmoothFM

May 23, 2018
For the night

Live at SmoothFM

April 10, 2018
Brand new

From album “Out of trouble”

February 5, 2018
For the night

From album “Out of trouble”

February 2, 2018
Buy me

From album “No more than me”

August 8, 2013
Call the Reverend

From album “No more than me”

July 12, 2013
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