Buy me

From album “No more than me”

Music & lyrics: Messias


Some people say
That loves for sale
Just some easy way to see
They just go on struggling baby
Struggling is bad for me
In a dark cold winter night
Sparkle gold and firelight
As long as you buy me
It’ll be alright

You can be bad in anyway
Lie me once or twice
Gamble all my love away
Play cards, throw the dice
Settle down baby
Don’t put up a fight
As long as you buy me
It’ll be alright

You don’t need money to buy me
You can have me with just a single glance
You can buy me with dances
Buy me with
Oh can’t you see
Cause it’s you baby, you’ll get me for free

2017 Messias and the Hot Tones © All rights reserved

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